Koala Jewelry for Charity

Koalas For Charity



Image courtesy of animalsaustralia

Since September of 2019, experts estimate that 30 million acres have burned thus far in the Australian Bushfire Crisis. In addition, experts also estimate that 1 billion animals have been killed. The fires have burned through the habitats of approximately 100 critically endangered species, therefore, it is highly possible that many of these animals have become extinct.

 Badly burned possum. Image courtesy of Reuters

Koala in intensive care at Port Macquerie Koala Hospital.

Image courtesy of Port Macquerie Koala Hospital

It is simply heartbreaking watching the news footage of animals’ burned bodies, injured animals crying out in pain, and orphaned baby animals. The imagery was so impactful that I wanted to use my talent to help out in some way.

 Orphaned kangaroo and wallaby joeys. Image courtesy of Reuters

I decided to make two pieces of jewelry: a moveable, recycled silver koala necklace and koala post earrings. All the proceeds from the sale of the koala jewelry will go directly to the Royal Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Australia for their efforts in helping injured wildlife affected by the devastating bushfire. It is the largest animal welfare charity in the UK.


If you would enjoy wearing a handmade silver necklace with the thought that you are making a difference in these animals’ lives at such a critical time, please consider purchasing the pieces below.  Click on the link to see the listings.