Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Guide

What should I give as a present for Valentine's Day? A great solution is to give the gift of handmade! When artists are intimately involved in making their work, the resulting art piece is well-made and more unique than traditional, commercially made items. What better way to show your love than to give a gift that was lovingly crafted? Here are my artist recommendations to make your Valentine's Day truly special!

1. Pete Cromer

My personal collection of Druids

My personal collection of Druids



Pete Cromer is an Australian based artist who makes colorful resin sculptures! I ,myself, have a small collection of his rainbow colored druids as well as one budgerigar (parakeet). Their pastel colors and happy expressions definitely bring a smile to your face! Each piece is individually cast in its own unique colorway, so no two pieces will look exactly alike! Check out his work at:


2. Velvet Rainbows

My ice cream doll

Doll from the Love Collection

Velvet Rainbows is a UK based shop by artist, Nicky Markou. Nicky has a background in Fashion and Design and sews all her dolls by hand. All her dolls are made with such attention to detail from their hand-embroidered faces to their beautifully sewn outfits! I love the little ice cream doll that I personally own! Plus, she made a special collection just for Valentine's Day and is definitely worth a look see! Thank you so much, Deirdre, for recommending Velvet Rainbows to me!


3. Esserai Ceramics

Rainbow Crystal Tea Set

Aura Prism Crystal Mug

Essarai Ceramics is shop based in Santa Fe, New Mexico run by potter, Collin Lynch. He is known for making ceramics with crystal forms that are fired with mother-of-pearl and gold accents. He does not slip cast his work! He throws all his pots and constructs each crystal by hand! I have two of his pieces: one is a business card holder and the other is a trinket dish which I both use when I exhibit my own jewelry work at shows. I can't tell you how many compliments I receive on them! The pictures, honestly, don't capture how magnificent they look in real life! Plus, Collin is hilarious! He will post videos on Instagram being silly in his ceramics studio! Definitely check out his work!


Last, but not least, I made my own small little collection of jewelry pieces for Valentine's Day! Tiny little blue birds for the holiday!


Mama and Baby Bird Necklace and Blue Bird Ring




Little Bird Collection



I made a little bird-themed collection just in time for Valentine's Day! Many of the birds are colored in turquoise cold enamel which adds a nice pop of color to the jewelry. The delicate bird necklace, earrings, and ring are just the perfect dainty size for everyday wear. The mama and baby bird necklace is the most substantial piece in the collection and makes a beautiful statement necklace!

This little silver pink ladybug also fit the bill for Valentine's Day!


I hope this Mini Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Guide gave some helpful shopping ideas! I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your friends and loved ones!